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Joy-Venture Oratory Coaching Course

Are you a Leader who needs to make an inspiring presentation but are scared to death of public speaking? Take Joy-Venture Coaching to find your true voice, craft your own oratory presence with Joy and demolish all demons that do not allow you teach, inspire and captivate your audiences.

Joy-Venture Creative Sales Coaching Course

Specially crafted for sales professionals in the international fine jewelry industry who are tired of not being able to reach their desired goals. I help them learn how to enjoy their profession, refine and accelerate their sales processes using emotional marketing strategies and get more juicy commissions by creating a more transparent communication with their clients on a continuous basis. As a parallel result, they feel more relaxed, enthusiastic and passionate about their high-end sales profession.

Joy Venture bilingual Neuro-Coaching Session

Ask yourself the following and be as honest as possible with your answers:

How do you exactly feel as a Leader about your teams?
Would you say they are totally aligned with your Vision, highly committed to working on their goals?
Are your leading strategies being fruitful?

If not, I invite you learn more about my Joy-Venture Neuro-Coaching Sessions: you will learn how to motivate and transform your groups into successful teams while enjoying the process.

Joy-Venture Emotional Marketing Coaching Program

Private Coaching Program for Leaders and Corporate Managers. We are all commercials and can enjoy being so. That is the competitive advantage of the XXI Century. You and Your clients will experience the “residual effect” of a happy and positive commercial philosophy spread in your Company and will be able to collect the fruits of a joyful, Excellence new Leadership paradigm.

Are you ready to grow with Joy-Venture?

Discover your inner Joy and thrive in Excellence, because the Jewel….is You !

Mónica María Arias


Mr. Aldo Héctor Nascimbene

Mr. Aldo Héctor Nascimbene
President CONSAG S.A.
2015-2016 Governor – Rotary Club Argentina – Disctrict 4895

“Before initiating Mónica´s training: “Auto-Coaching and Neuro-Leadership: the essentials to making your emotions work easily in your favor”, I used to feel disengaged and clueless, without an internal compass which would give me the clarity I really needed to face the numerous challenges of my leadership position, ready to propose and direct big, profound changes to my teams. My thoughts revolved around my obsession to face challenges applying Excellence management – following Principles that were, and still are, very important to me – without losing my mind. I was not feeling confident professionally nor was I able know how to move forward, and even did not have any idea of what my genuine desires were in the personal arena. As a collateral effect, I was feeling exhausted, as if a great psychological burden had been loaded over my shoulders, which contributed to enhance my already great emotional confusion. Working with Mónica radically changed all that!

Among the many benefits I obtained, I learnt how to connect with my core, deep emotions (like fear, overwhelm or sense of inadequacy) welcome them and embrace feelings of increasing joy, confidence and enthusiasm as a result . I was able to explore my emotions, observe my burn-out thoughts and eliminate them one by one and focus on the reality of my daily work and life from a different, brand new perspective.

The process was joyful and helped me elevate the value of all human interactions by crafting a much more genuine emotional connection through meaningful conversations with Myself and everybody around me.

Humor started being a frequent guest in my agenda, which allowed me understand and see clearly all former toxic interactions and change them for good.

I also managed to appreciate the invaluable worth for a Leader with huge responsibilities to find their emotional center and from there, be able to enjoy a greater dose of well being, co-creating every day with the power of their own vulnerability, which is the ultimate supreme value of communicating Excellence.

Moreover: Mónica has shared extremely important, useful and cutting edge information, guiding and supporting me get out of my comfort zone to find My Best Version as a Leader.

She helped me stay focused and alert to raise consciousness in all actions, unravel my true Essence, improve my performance as a Leader and my personal and work relationships. It was a big shift in the quality of my relations.

Today I feel more centered, empowered to move forward with my teams and able to lead the positive changes more naturally and stress-free.

Summing up: if were not for Mónica´ s help, I would have not succeeded in reaching my next level of emotional growth both as a person and as an inspirational Leader.

It is for these reasons and many more that I highly recommend Mónica Arias´ leadership training: “Auto-Coaching and Neuro-Leadership: the essentials to making emotions work in your favor”.

I can say from my own experience that this training will mark a “before and after” line in your Leadership experience and that it will greatly help you fully enjoy your emotional life both personally and professionally.  Aldo Héctor Nascimbene.

Mr. Aldo Héctor NascimbenePresident CONSAG S.A. 2015-2016 Governor – Rotary Club Argentina – Disctrict 4895
Ms. Sandra Morini

Ms. Sandra Morini
Former Regional Latam Sales Manager & Trainer
Luxottica Group
Present Director at Sandra Morini & Trends

“Before meeting Mónica and taking her training course: “Holistic Neuro-Coaching for Excellence Leadership: how to convert disengaged personnel into successful teams”, nothing seemed to be all right at work.  I was not connecting effectively with my internal clients , team members and superiors, I was not leading effectively, therefore many of my responses and reactions were generated out of frustration and fear.

To make things worse, I was feeling inadequate, did not seem to find a clear path to follow and was almost unable to accept that an imminent change was the next needed step to take.  In other words: I was feeling truly dissatisfied and unhappy.

Working with Mónica changed it all!

Among the many benefits I managed to obtain guided by her training, I learnt how to connect with my core, deep emotions and welcome them all without judging, recognize where my sense of inadequacy came from and eliminate it, and focus on the reality of my daily work and life from a different, new perspective.  I was also able to manage my emotions gracefully and have fun in the process, allowing myself to elevate the value of all human interactions by crafting a much more genuine emotional connection with Myself first, and then with the world around me. As a result, my team quickly improved productivity and results literally high rocketed.

In other words: we were able to leave behind the old communication paradigm and welcome valuable conversations that allowed us walk away  from “I” into  “We” as a solid, highly committed responsible team.

We were also able to include humor in our working atmosphere, co-create a fresh, trustable environment based in collaborative interactions and conversational intelligence, learn about the power of our brains and how to align with its holographic functions in order to thrive and craft strategic plans to reach concrete, trascendent and sustainable results

Working with Mónica has been a real, enjoyable adventure full of rewarding results. She has shared tons of valuable, cutting edge  helpful information and processes that helped me and my teams grow and expand both personally and professionally in a much more authentic,  reliable way.

I feel happy and grateful! It is for these and lots of other reasons that I am truly pleased to recommend Mónica Arias´ services without reservations”.

Ms. Sandra MoriniFormer Regional Latam Sales Manager & Trainer, Luxottica Group © 2011 Monica Arias All rights Reserved | Registered in Argentina