Emotional Marketing


What is Emotional Marketing?

A process of human empowerment where Excellence and creativity inspire, educate and increase inner joy and psycho-physical wellbeing of team members in corporate environments, thus resulting in positively affecting communications, improving their working climate atmosphere and results.

Did you know that the origin and approach of almost all human problems, including those originating in corporate levels, have emotional roots?

In the Emotional Era, You and / or your Company might be suffering one or several of the following  chronic, time, health and money consuming problems:

  • Intermittent productivity (variable sales rates, usually negative)
  • Burn-Out syndrome – High auto-demanding procedures derived from “perfectionist-stylish” leadership.
  • Generational Gap (conflicts originated from the lack of a generational diversity inclusion program)
  • New positions: challenges and transitions (conflicts arisen from moving to management or senior positions)
  • Conflicts among peers
  • Lack of commitment to the work and tasks.
  • High rate of staff-turnover
  • Discouragement, apathy and resistance to change
  • Successive loss of natural authority from Leaders.

How you can anticipate and / or neutralize conflicts and lead to natural authority?

How to address these challenges in business communication and prevent further emotional and thus results´ cracking?

By applying emotional marketing

Have you thought of the positive impact you would get of introducing the following changes in your Company?

  • Quality and sustained improvement in results.
  • Emotional Balance on a consistent basis.
  • Increased levels of productivity.
  • Improved attitude and commitment to the new work culture.
  • Developing competitive advantages to become a Magnetic Company.
  • Reduced staff turnover rate
  • Building and strengthen corporate identity and sense of belonging.
  • Improved relationships with peers and more fluid relationship with upper management.
  • Deploy a fresh and more effective organizational culture.
  • Educate for Excellence Leadership
  • Appreciate diversity and multi – culturalism
  • Continuous Self-motivation

Are you ready to make the transformation that will improve your corporate atmosphere and dramatically increase your results?

Discover your inner Joy and thrive in Excellence, because the Jewel….is You !

Mónica María Arias

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