Continuous Education


Mónica Arias

    • CPC Certified Professional Coach – Fowler International Academy – USA
    • Neuro-Coach & Trainer –  (Argentina- USA-Australia) – NLP specialist.
    • International Keynote Speaker
    • Emotional Marketing Consultant & Experience Strategist for the Jewelry Industry
    • Joy-Venture Coaching on Excellence Communication: Auto-Coaching, High-End Sales for international industry of fine jewelry, XXIC Leadership, Generational Gap.
    • Emotional Marketing Consultant for the International fine Jewelry industry.
    • Studied Social Communication, Marketing and English translation
    • 25 plus Years of corporate experience in the international Luxury market arena as a Sales representative, Regional Manager, Mentor and Coach.

Joy-Venture Oratory Coaching Course

Are you a Leader who needs to make an inspiring presentation but are scared to death of public speaking? Take Joy-Venture Coaching to find your true voice, craft your own oratory presence with Joy and demolish all demons that do not allow you teach, inspire and captivate your audiences.

Joy-Venture Creative Sales Coaching Course

Specially crafted for sales professionals in the international fine jewelry industry who are tired of not being able to reach their desired goals. I help them learn how to enjoy their profession, refine and accelerate their sales processes using emotional marketing strategies and get more juicy commissions by creating a more transparent communication with their clients on a continuous basis. As a parallel result, they feel more relaxed, enthusiastic and passionate about their high-end sales profession.

Joy Venture bilingual Neuro-Coaching Session

Ask yourself the following and be as honest as possible with your answers:

How do you exactly feel as a Leader about your teams?
Would you say they are totally aligned with your Vision, highly committed to working on their goals?
Are your leading strategies being fruitful?

If not, I invite you learn more about my Joy-Venture Neuro-Coaching Sessions: you will learn how to motivate and transform your groups into successful teams while enjoying the process.

Joy-Venture Emotional Marketing Coaching Program

Private Coaching Program for Leaders and Corporate Managers. We are all commercials and can enjoy being so. That is the competitive advantage of the XXI Century. You and Your clients will experience the “residual effect” of a happy and positive commercial philosophy spread in your Company and will be able to collect the fruits of a joyful, Excellence new Leadership paradigm.

International Keynote Speaker

We are living in the Emotional Era. Everything is Energy in motion. I love to constantly investigate, study and learn about different disciplines to grow and expand,  specially related to Self education, eg: How to apply AutoCoaching to get more Self awareness, Self acceptance and Self reliance to be able to thrive as a Leader today. I teach how to position and set your Higher Self in motion towards improving every aspect of Your life, for your own benefit and the benefit of All.  I am convinced we can create a better world, one Leader at a time, if we only understand that the Secret relies in listening to You and act from the precious space of your Unique Heart.

Oratory has become a natural expression of  the Self in my work.  I so much enjoy sharing knowledge and teaching others about what is new and what they can benefit from when connected to their own intuition. Leaders, Sales Professionals, Managers, Supervisors, Entrepreneurs, Women that wish to expand their own knowledge using their own voices….all can gain great confidence by learning joyful oratory to magnetize their audiences and abolish fear of public speaking.

I also love to contribute as a Speaker with non profit local and international organizations and I am a member of Women´Speaker Association.

Some of my articles include:

    • “Crafting a customer database: have fun with it”
    • “Emotional marketing: Three steps to surprise your clients”
    • “Three language secrets to improve your sales results”
    • “Todos somos comerciales”
    • “Se hace camino al vender”
    • “Rescatando valores de excelencia”
    • “La cocina de la Excelencia”
    • The source of Excellence Leadership.
    • “Joyas: Cómo convertirlas en tentación irresistible”.
    •  “Humor: descontracturante natural por excelencia”

I invite you to learn more about my Joy-Venture Programs. © 2011 Monica Arias All rights Reserved | Registered in Argentina