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My name is Mónica Arias and I am an Excellence Communication Expert.

I owe this “title” to my clients who have praised my work over 25 years of corporate experience in Sales and Customer Care Service areas of luxury and Premium Brand companies.

How can excellence be defined?

From my point of view, it is an optimal quality of behavior and attitude of service that continuously adds value and supports long-term successful relationships in all areas of human action. It allows us to recognize and learn from our mistakes while correcting our behavior whenever necessary. It also means choosing to help our clients feel the emotional experience of being appreciated, valued and honored distinctively.

One of my best clients once said: “Mónica, you need to realize that your clients do not bring you presents because of your neat desk or your nice presence. We are pleased to bring you presents because of who you are and the way you make us feel when we are with you…I believe you are an Excellence Expert”.

I was by no means conscious of the power of her statement, but as time passed by, I received more compliments by other clients: “Mónica, you should work on your own, helping companies and salespeople work like you, because you are an Excellence Expert”.

Wow! I confess this comment was not easy for me to grasp at first. I doubted and did not feel comfortable inside as it seemed to be too large a title. However, after a while I ended up accepting it…

Why am i an Excellence Expert ? ( Click here to keep reading )

photofamiliaI got married very young, had my amazing son and daughter when I was still very young and after 6 years, my marriage came to an end. The details of why it failed are not relevant, but I confess my life as I had experienced it until then, took a radical shift. I suddenly found myself alone, jobless, broke (in every sense) and with the enormous responsibility of having to raise my two kids as a single parent. Again, the details of how and why this occurred are now not important and belong to the mysteries´ kingdom of the unknown….

Thus I started walking the lonely and difficult road as head of household, in charge of everything: my children (who were 2 and 6 at the time), their upbringing, health, education, food and shelter. I had to re-build and heal myself both internally and externally in order to move on with my life and my children, counting with no help of any kind at first. In spite of all the hardship and emotional turmoil I encountered, I learnt to slowly move on with our lives, because my son and daughter were – and still are – my beacons…

Yes, I was frightened to death, very confused, and therefore I made lots of mistakes, some of them really important due to my great ignorance at that time. But I managed to overcome all just surrendering to a force inside that whispered everything would be all right somehow. It was from those hard years that I gained the experience to connect with God (no matter what God means to You and what form He / She takes in your heart), reinforcing the belief in Myself, and was then able to offer helpful tips for people to learn and understand the value of their precious, unbelievable and glorious lives.

Right after divorce, and realizing that now it all depended on me, one morning I took my kids by the hand and went to the local center where retailers block together and offered myself to: organize stock and exhibited goods, re-arrange displays, wrap up gift packages (Christmas time was near) and the like.

I got my first client that very day and my kids and I lived under tons of paper and colorful ribbons and bottles and boxes for many months to come…my eldest son still remembers the joy of helping me with every order. Those were – without being conscious about it – my first steps towards selling with Excellence and offering the best Customer Service to clients.

As a personal touch, in every basket, I used to include a handwritten card with a motivational phrase I chose from one of the books in my library. A simple reminder for each person acquiring the basket to reinforce the reality that their lives, despite harships, resembled that basket somewhat, as life is also full of color, joy, surprises, and plenty of abundance to share…

A couple of years later I started working for an international Bank – my first formal job – and from then on, my career in Sales and Customer Care Service in luxury brands started to grow and finally sky rocketed. All thanks to having discerned and chosen to remain living a philosophy that continuously saws the best in us and harvest the Best in others: communication based on Excellence.

Yes, I am an Excellence Communication Expert…I have always been. Because I have chosen it every time, no matter what, in my personal and working lives: adding value, helping others achieve and surpass their goals, putting myself in my customers´ shoes, listening to them carefully, making them feel comfortable, being sure to provide the best service, surprising them emotionally, learning new approaches in my work to get them motivated and happy on a long time basis, making mistakes and learning from them…I just practiced adding up high value continuously in my working routine. As the great Marcel Proust said: “The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes” (Marcel Proust is one of the most brilliant writers of the nineteenth century French literature, and his most famous work is “In Search of Lost Time”, described by writers as the best book ever written).

This is the origin of my Excellence Expert title coined by my clients, which I ended up accepting with pleasure and joy. One of my strengths, so to speak, is in the field of results, just because through offering excellence (not perfection) I have been able to get the best results and continue to do so both in my working and personal lives.

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